Assessment & Reporting

Reporting in 2023

Our reporting is ‘Real Time’

This means providing regular, timely information you can access at any time throughout the year. Real-time reporting involves providing ‘online’ current information that connects teachers, whānau and children. It changes the fundamental purpose of the reporting from summative assessment (at the end of learning), to a focus on reporting that is ‘real time’ and helps inform the ‘next steps’ in learning.

We provide two 6 monthly progress reports for all children. The first is in Term 1, to help set up goals for the year, and the second is in Term 3, to update progress and share new goals for the rest of the year and beyond. 

Any questions, please ask your class teacher or Claire Martin (Deputy Principal).

In 2023 Reporting Will Be:

  • Two face to face meetings with parents and children (partnership meetings), Terms 1 and 2.

  • Real time learning goals, evidence (samples of work) and comments through the @school app.

  • Two progress reports available online (including Reading, Writing, Maths, P.R.I.D.E. C.A.R. focus) showing where your child’s progress and achievement is compared to curriculum expectations, and commenting on other relevant learning areas. These are also printed and sent home.

The Ministry of Education is very focused on developing this type of reporting using digital platforms. In the future this will enable your child’s learning information to travel with them through the education system (to intermediate, college and beyond).

Our Reporting Goals:

  • Timely, purposeful, and accessible information about your child’s learning.

  • Personalised learning information and feedback to you, from your child and teacher.

  • Information that informs next steps in learning.

Using the @school App, use these Icons to find your child's learning, goals and reports.


Look here for twice yearly summaries of your child's progress and achievement.

Spot Light

Look here for quick updates to learning with examples and comments.