School Donation

Voluntary School Donation

Acknowledging that times remain tough for families, the Board have decided once again not to change the value of the Donation from recent years. Total value for 2018 – $100 for one child or $90 for each child in our multi child families. Those families that pay by the end of Term 1 have the donation reduced to $80 and go into a draw to have their donation refunded! We are happy to talk with families about payment options and what best works for each family.

How can I pay?

At the office we accept cash, cheque and EFTPOS.

Online Banking or Automatic Payment:

Account Name Upper Hutt School Board of Trustees Account Number 12-3478-0044452-00 Please include your child’s name as a reference

Tax Rebate

Your school donation is tax deductible meaning you get a third back! Those families that paid before 31 March get the rebate a whole year earlier. Remember this for 2018!

Free Education

Although times are tough, and it supposed to be a “free education”, the bottom line is that no government funds any school with sufficient money to provide all of the resources that we need for our children to receive the quality of education that we provide, and the school’s finances are dependent on this Donation. We know that at Upper Hutt School we provide a great education for our children, and we want to keep raising the bar. 

Why is it called a Donation and what is it used for?

It seems that Voluntary Donation is a funny old term.  It became known as a Donation when the Education Act was rewritten in 1989, rather than the Fee paid in earlier years. Regardless of the name, this is one main ways that schools’ get additional funding. What these funds provide the school is the ability to have the ‘value added’ or the ‘icing on the cake’ for our children’s education. Some examples of the sorts of things the Donation helps to pay for are:

• Digital learning tools

• Upgrading classroom furniture

• Subsidising visiting performers and sports trips

• New sports equipment

• Extra Teacher Aide time to support children’s learning