2022 Fundraising Focus

Our Fundraising Goal for 2022 is $13,000 - Our Progress Bar below

In 2017 Upper Hutt School created a fundraising focus on the development of outdoor learning spaces – spaces to enable opportunities for children to learn outside of the classroom, too.  Spaces that excite, calm, and encourage different types of play and exploration.  

Thanks to the dedicated support of our school community and the generosity of our sponsors, Upper Hutt School Fundraising Team have raised just over $100,000 over the last five years!    These funds have been proudly invested in a large covered sandpit, stage and shade sail, two gazebos, a wonderful sensory garden and play space along with science and musical equipment.  We have recently developed a scooter and bike track for the whole community to enjoy.  

 We wish to support our school by raising funds to further enhance outdoor learning spaces. We are looking at seating and swings  for the whole community to enjoy around our school!

These last couple of years have been a real challenge for all New Zealanders, and around the world with the current pandemic, we have really had to adapt and wish to continue to support our community and help us connect.   With this in mind our we have planned a calendar of a few well loved fundraising events that will bring our school families and community together again when we are able to do this safely, and will also look to support each other with new activities throughout the year.

We know that raising funds is a huge undertaking for our school, community and Fundraising Team.  We have reached out to many many businesses local and New Zealand wide to help support our events, and increase our funds raised.  We are thankful that we have had so much support over the last few years. You can see the details of these wonderful businesses on our Community Sponsorship page.