Outdoor Learning Spaces

In consultation with the children, community and staff the school want to create new outdoor learning spaces. Through this thorough research it was determined we wish to have a theme to represent ‘Our local Community’ so the play spaces represent the community we live in. We want the spaces to be inclusive and accessible for all include natural landscaping, scented gardens, natural objects to climb and explore, new sandpits, one large one for play and one smaller more natural one amongst the sensory garden.  We would love a new scooter track, where children can explore their more physical needs. We would like more seating, places where children can rest and enjoy the spaces with their friends. We need more shade! We would like more areas where the children’s 5 senses are intrigued, where they can learn, play, enjoy and grow.

At the end of 2017 and after much communication with our community, our Outdoor Learning Spaces Master Plan was created.  From this, we have chosen two areas to begin our fundraising focus on.

Outdoor Learning Spaces Master Plan

Stage One (Plan 10): Replace & Transform Existing Sandpit

Replace our old sandpit with a new versatile sandpit.  This will have good drainage, a rolling wooden cover that can be closed when it is not in use, and incorporated into a large decking space (13m by 3.2m).  This will be used as a stage, as a learning space and a play space. The price of this amazing sandpit, including groundworks and sand came to just over $27,000. Our builders, Peryers completed this build for us in October 2018.

Funds raised towards Stage One
Total of $27,00 Raised for Stage One
Stage Two (Plan 6): Nature Play Garden & Shade

Develop the junior garden area into a Landscaped Nature Play Garden. This design includes new sensory plants and landscaped gardens and pathways for the kids to explore.  A new natural edged sandpit to create play. Natural wooden seating to rest. This new Nature Play Garden is quoted at $20,585,  this beautiful landscaping project was completed in February 2019.  The kids just love it.

Stage Two also consists of erecting shade sails over the large sandpit.  This has been priced at $7,741.80.  We have received a grant of $5,000 from the Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club to help us with this sun shade.  This shade sail should be erected by end of Term One.

Funds Raised towards stage two
Total Raised is $28,326 Including grant from Cosmopolitan Club