P.E Shed

The P.E shed, which is located next to the hall is open everyday at morning tea and
lunchtime. All children are welcome to come over and borrow equipment during these
times. Our friendly P.E shed monitors will sign the equipment out and make sure it is
returned before it is time to head back to class.

We have a range of equipment that the tamariki can use such as footballs, tennis rackets and balls, pogo sticks, skipping ropes, frisbees and much more.


Wheels Track

Our wheels track consists of a nice wide asphalt track, road signs and road markings.  It is a two-way track that winds among the trees and meanders around the perimeter of the grassy field.  There are pedestrian crossings, a bridge, humps and bumps to navigate around while gaining confidence with your wheels. 

Bike and scooters are the main mode of transportation but skateboards, roller skates and trikes are also welcome.  There are over thirty scooters and bikes of various sizes to use while at school, so that you are not having to bring your own each day.  Helmets are also provided, in order to keep everyone safe on the track. 

If you want more of a challenge, there is also a skills section, where you can experiment with a higher level of bike skills while balancing and weaving around the purpose-made obstacle course.