Weetbix Tryathlon

This year we have entered a school group into the Lower Hutt Weetbix Tryathlon to be held on Tuesday 22 March at Hutt Recreation Ground. There are 2 main benefits for entering as a school group, one being that students can receive a discount in their Tryathlon fee and the second being, if we get a group of 15 or more students, Upper Hutt School could be eligible for some awesome prizes.

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On the day, students will be expected to arrange their own transport to and from the Hutt Recreation Ground and parents will be expected to provide their own supervision of their children  at this event.


Please follow the information below and use the link to register your children for this event.

  • School Discount Code: Your school discount code is UPPE1212. Participants registering from home and linking to your school group after the early-bird cut off date of Monday 22 February 2016 can enter this discount code to receive the school group discounted entry price. This code is only applicable if you are entering students after Monday 22 February, if you are registering beforehand, ignore the discount code section.

To enter your child/children into the Weetbix Tryathlon please use the link below

Registration form



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