Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is the governing body made up of elected and co-opted parents, a staff representative and the principal. Elections for the Board of Trustees are currently held every three years, with the next election due this year. The Board is responsible for policies, finance, property and personnel matters. Please visit the Board of Trustees page.

Upper Hutt School Fundraising Team

We are a group of committed parents and supporters of Upper Hutt School who want to help the school achieve its fundraising goals. We meet once a month to discuss and plan events and activities to boost funds.

If you’d like to know more, please contact the school office and ask to be put in touch with one of the Fundraising Team members, or you can email us at

Contact the school office, check our website or Facebook page to find out when the next meeting is.

Parent Helpers

We welcome as much involvement in school activities as you can offer – e.g. Parent Reading Tutors, Library, classroom helpers. publishing children’s work, trips etc. Just talk with your child’s teacher if you are able to help.