Senior Team

Term Three Focus

This is an exciting Term in the Senior Syndicate with our inquiry focus based on the concept of “Enterprise”.

The overarching goal of this term for our students to 

Create a product of service for the School Fiesta to be held in Week 9. 

We feel this type of real-world learning will help develop our students skills in collaboration, financial literacy and citizenship. 

The following are the expected learning outcomes for our tamariki. 

Our learners; 

  • will have a plan for their product/ service
  • will have an understanding of persuasive language - vehicles of advertising, infomercials, clickbait,
  • advertise their product - UDL: video, poster, skit, informative speech, etc. 
  • understand nets, scale and how to use money
  • practise feedback/ feedforward model
  • embed the ilearn process for students in class - reflect/next and run through twice
  • will talk about barriers and solutions with their learning

Students will be working in small groups to create, design and sell their product of service at the Fiesta. 


If you have any skills or experiences around enterprise, then please feel free to connect with your child’s class teacher. We would love the students to get a wider perspective of budgeting, using money, selling and marketing so if you have any expertise please let us know. 


Like always, if you have any questions about your child’s learning please feel free to contact your child’s teacher via email, Seesaw or leave a message at the office. 


Nga mihi


The Senior Team