P.R.I.D.E. Online (Home Learning)

Dear Whānau

Our children are just as anxious and worried as we are right now.  Our children hear everything that is going on around them, and they feel our anxiety also.  They (we) have never experienced anything like this before. Although the idea of being 'off school' for weeks sounds awesome, they are probably picturing a fun time like school holidays, not the reality of self isolation at home and not seeing their friends.

What our children need right now is to feel reassured, comforted and loved.  To know it’s all going to be ok. Play outside and go on walks (following recommended guidelines).  Bake cookies and paint pictures. Play board games and watch movies. Do a science experiment together or find virtual field trips of the zoo.  Start a book and read together as a family. Snuggle under warm blankets and do nothing.

Don’t be concerned about them 'regressing' with their learning over the coming weeks. Every single child is in this boat and they all will be ok.  We will all be ok! 

If we can leave you with one thing, it’s this: at the end of all of this, your child's mental health will be more important than their academic skills.  How they felt during this time will stay with them long after the memory of what they did during the coming weeks is long gone. So keep that in mind, every single day… take care, be kind, stay strong.