Assessment & Reporting

Reporting about your child's learning & progress in 2019
Last year a significant change happened in education. The legal requirement to report to parents twice a year, in writing, against the National Standards was stopped. As a result of that decision, we are taking this opportunity to 're-design' and 're-imagine' what reporting could look like at UHS. This year we would like to trial some new ways of reporting to you and will be actively seeking your feedback throughout the year. 

What won't change: Teachers will continue to assess your child's learning, progress and achievement and will also continue to plan learning programmes based on this information. Children will continue to be a very active part of their assessment process, continually reflect on their own learning, their progress and their next learning steps. We will also continue to have Learning Conferences where we meet with you to discuss your child's progress and achievement. 

What might change: The way we provide written information to you throughout the year. Currently we send home two written reports a year. On average one report, takes about ten to fifteen hours to create: teachers assess each child using a range of tools. This information is then collated and analysed, draft reports are written, checked twice, then printed and sent to you. This process has to be started weeks in advance to ensure that everything is completed in time to send home to you. What we find, is that by the time you get the actual report, your child has learnt more and the report is not the 'latest, up to date information'.  We want reporting to be more relevant, real, timely and purposeful.

At the end of this term, we would like to send home your child's writing book, and a sample of reading and maths learning. This will SHOW you their learning for the term. This information will indicate if your child is 'on track' with their learning, or if they need further support from school/ home. 

We also know that parents want information about 'skill's' other than just reading, writing and maths. We are looking for a way to report to parents about children's curiosity, adaptability and resilience (C.A.R). These are the three principles at Upper Hutt School. We think if children know how to be curious, adaptable and resilient learners - they will have a positive future. 

Reporting about your child's progress in 2019:
Term One
  • Partnership Meetings (meet with Teacher - settling into school, social skills and learning about your child) 
  • Reading, Writing and Maths sent home at the end of the Term
Term Two
  • Reading, Writing and Maths sent home at the end of the Term 
  • Information about your child's C.A.R progress (Curiosity, adaptability and resilience)
  • Learning Conferences (meeting with the teacher about learning progress) will either be at the end of Term Two or the very beginning of Term Three

This is only our initial thinking, and will further develop based on your feedback. As always, teachers will continue to be in touch regularly about your child's learning (through See Saw and information sent home). You are also welcome to contact teachers at any time throughout the year, to talk about your child's progress. We always love talking about learning!

If you would like to talk to us about your ideas about reporting now, please contact the DP's or the Principal.  WITH YOU, we want to create a reporting system that is relevant, real, timely and purposeful.