Assessment & Reporting

Reporting in 2020

Across 2019 we were communicating with you about redesigning the way we ‘report’ about your child's progress and achievement. Historically schools have reported to parents twice-yearly. We feel this approach to reporting (providing parents with information on their child’s past performance) is outdated and needs changing.

Feedback we have collected from you across the year also told us you wanted regular, up to date information about your child’s learning and that you wanted to be able to access that information in a variety of ways. Our plan is to move towards ‘real time’ reporting.

This means providing regular, timely information you can access at any time throughout the year. Real-time reporting involves providing ‘online’ information that connects teachers, whānau and children. It changes the fundamental purpose of the reporting from summative assessment (at the end of learning), to a focus on reporting that is ‘real time/current’ and helps inform the ‘next steps’ in learning.

In 2020 Reporting Will Be:

  • Two face to face meetings with parents and children (partnership meetings), Terms 1 and 3

  • Learning books sent home twice a year (reading, writing, maths)

  • Two progress and achievement graphs sent home (reading, writing, maths) showing where your child’s progress and achievement is compared to their expected progress level

  • Two P.R.I.D.E C.A.R reports which focus on social, emotional and learning to learn skills

In 2020 we are also going to start training staff to use a digital platform that will enable parents and whānau to access their child’s current ‘real time’ learning at any time using technology (a phone or a computer). This digital platform (called Spotlight) has been developed specifically for schools to use. We believe it will take staff 6-12 months to learn how to use, and to develop a ‘resource bank’ of the learning we will focus on (literacy, numeracy, social, emotional and learning to learn skills).

Our aim is to go live with our ‘real time’ reporting platform in 2021.  We want to make sure the system is working well and staff are confident using it before we ‘go live’.  The Ministry of Education is very focused on developing this type of reporting using digital platforms. In the future this will enable your child’s learning information to travel with them through the education system  (to intermediate, college and beyond).

Our Reporting Goals:

  • Timely, purposeful information about your child’s learning

  • Personalised learning information and feedback to you and your child (the days of simply being ‘one of the crowd’ and accepting a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution are over).

  • Greater emphasis on formative assessment and reporting: information that informs next steps