P.R.I.D.E. Online Home Learning

In 2022, to adapt to the RED framework the country is in, we are developing a 'hybrid' approach to teaching and learning. Our goal is to be able to maintain your child’s learning progress whether they are learning at home or school. We recognise that families and schools could be faced with a variety of situations in the coming months, and we are trialling a 'flexible/ hybrid' approach to hopefully make things easier and more streamlined for families.  Hybrid learning means we will provide paper learning at home, digital learning at home and continued learning at school. Families can choose what works best for them at any time. 

Our Teachers have been working hard on planning and designing hybrid teaching resources so your child’s learning can happen anywhere, anytime and with any teacher 🙂

  • All children will/ will have received a paper learning pack to take home.
  • PRIDE Online learning is now available through through the hub links below.

Our last important message: do what works best for your child and your family. There are NO EXPECTATIONS to complete everything that our teachers provide. Families can choose what and how much to do. You have the flexibility to do what works for your child and family.  

Your ongoing feedback about hybrid teaching and learning is welcomed and appreciated as we develop and refine our learning approach.

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