Upper Hutt School Health and Physical Education Curriculum Statement

Our vision at Upper Hutt School is that every learner deserves a positive future. Our PRIDE values and principles guide our Health and PE teaching through a strong sense of community, supporting an innovative and dynamic approach to children's ongoing education and well-being.

Our programme focuses on developing students' knowledge, skills, and attitudes to enhance personal and collective well-being. Students will critically examine social and societal influences to promote their own and others' well-being.

The Health and PE Curriculum is based on the four concepts of Hauora, Attitudes and Values, Socio-ecological Perspective, and Health Promotion. It follows the Four Strands and Seven Key Areas outlined in the NZC, organising learning in Health and PE education. (For more information, visit TKI: The New Zealand Curriculum Health and Physical Education).

We design our curriculum by listening to the school whānau and the wider community and respecting diverse views, beliefs, and customs.

Health education integrates topics with other curriculum areas and specific lessons on key health focus areas. Health learning at UHS helps students grow their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Programmes cover:

  • Keeping Ourselves Safe: self-esteem, bullying, cyber safety
  • Mindfulness activities/Circle Time: mental health, managing emotions
  • PRIDE CAR social/emotional skills teaching
  • Puberty

Our students regularly engage in physical activity to develop fundamental movement skills for various activities and sports.

External providers like Life Education, sports associations, NZ Police, and Activation support and enhance our learning in Health and PE.

Health and PE education is provided to every student, with additional support available for those who need it.