Last Updated Friday 29 April 2022

Current Actions at Upper Hutt School

The actions that continue to have the biggest impact on keeping children healthy are: hygiene, masks and ventilation.
  • Ventilation

    • The school will continue to keep windows open in every classroom to help with classroom ventilation. Our aim is to keep classroom temperatures at approx 18 degrees
    • Please make sure you send children to school with warm layers should they need them

  • Masks

    • All staff will continue to wear masks inside
    • The Ministry of Education recommends and our school strongly encourages Year 4 children and older to wear masks inside also
    • Parents are asked to wear masks inside the school grounds

  • Hygiene

    • We will continue to focus on high levels of hygiene at school
    • Children will sanitise on entry to classroom and wash hands before and after eating
    • Classes will continue to be cleaned thoroughly every day

  • Inside the school gates

    • Parents are welcome into the school grounds to drop off/ pick up children (but not yet inside the buildings please). Please also wear a mask
    • You can still drop off/ pick up children at Gate 1 & 4 if you would prefer (Main Martin & Benzie St gate). Teachers will be at these gates at 3pm to support pick ups

  • Sickness

    • Please do not send children to school if they are unwell. If your child tests positive to Covid, or your family is in isolation please email the school office :
    • P.R.I.D.E Home learning will be provided for those children who are at home due to isolation requirements or illness. This will be a mix of paper and digital learning available. We will talk with families about borrowing school devices if needed.

We will continue to review this plan regularly and take a full risk assessment at the end of May. Changes will be made in line with our reviews, legislation or recommendations from the Ministry of health and Education.
Click here to open Covid Protection Framework as a PDF