Wednesday 17th February, 2021 - Upper Hutt School Level 1

Kia ora koutou,

It was great news to hear we are moving to Alert Level 1 tomorrow. 

As a community we need to avoid the complacency which New Zealanders tend to quickly move into when we are at lower alert levels. Please do continue to scan QR codes and monitor closely for illness within your whānau.

Can I thank you again for being so adaptive: quickly and easily moving into Level 2. We greatly appreciate your support and your willingness to follow the plans and guidelines. 

From tomorrow Thursday, 18th February 2021:

    • parents/ whanau can drop off and pick up children at gate 1 & 4 if they wish to
    • parents are able to come into school grounds - we just ask you scan QR code 
    • if children are unwell please continue to keep them home
    • at school we will continue to maintain high levels of hygiene

Our focus as always will be to support the learning, safety and wellbeing of our rangatahi and tamariki and we continue to be here to support you too.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s kaiako or me, if there is something you need assistance with.

Ngā mihi,

Jo Grant

Monday 15th February, 2021 - Upper Hutt School Level 2

Partnership Meetings: Level 2 Guidelines

Partnership Meetings will go ahead tomorrow and Wednesday as planned. We have created a plan in line with the Level 2 Ministry guidelines. Meetings between whanau and teachers are important for setting up the year’s learning, and are particularly helpful if we should change levels in response to COVID19. Our goal is to connect with every family.

Upper Hutt School - Partnership Meetings under Level 2



Tracking and Monitoring

  • Please use QR codes on gates or classroom doors, or sign register outside classes

Social Distancing

  • Seats outside classes will be spaced 2m apart
  • Teachers and whanau will sit 2m apart
  • We ask that whanau arrive shortly before their appointments and leave promptly after these 
  • If you are not able to attend the meeting, please let your child’s teacher know and a Zoom meeting can be arranged as an alternative  

Good hygiene practices

  • All classes will have sanitiser outside the classroom door. You are asked to use this before entering the class
  • Gates will be left open during the Partnership meetings to avoid use of handles/catches 


  • If unwell, please do not attend and we will make arrangements to connect later

Additional information

  • Supervision is available in the Hall during meetings for younger children. 
  • There will be support for signing up to the Parent Portal in the Hall.
  • If you haven’t already booked a Partnership Meeting, please make a booking now: Go to the website:    Enter the unique code for Upper Hutt School:ncfem
  • We are constantly reviewing government updates and will inform you promptly of any changes.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Deputy Principals- Lee Ewington  and Claire Martin 

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

Sunday 14th February, 2021 - Upper Hutt School Level 2

There is a lot of important information below, please read this carefully.

Dear Parents /Caregivers,

It was announced by the Prime Minister earlier that our region is moving to Level 2 at midnight. Although it is the last thing any of us wanted to hear, we are very prepared and adaptable at UHS! This email outlines key information about our Level 2 plan and expectations. We are very confident in our level 2 plan - it worked last year and we are confident it will continue to help keep us healthy.  Level 2 is where our school becomes one whole bubble (the 100 limit does not apply for schools). Tomorrow and everyday, every teacher and class will revisit the Level 2 rules that help keep us healthy and safe.  

Key bullet points (further detail below)

We will be strictly adhering to the Ministry of Education & Health Guidelines. The overriding principles for our Alert Level 2 plan and our school bubble are:

  • Maintain physical distancing ( for staff/ chn this means not breathing on or touching each other *PRIDE WINGS*.  Parents /visitors must maintain 2m spacing)
  • Ensure good hygiene practices (personal hygiene and strict school cleaning)
  • We strongly encourage all parents to drop their children off at one of our eight gates (refer map at bottom). The gate you drop off chn at in the morning will be the gate you pick up your chn from at the end of the day. We are trying to ‘spread’ families out to avoid congestion and support you to adhere to the 2 m distancing rule for parents in or around school. IF YOU DO NOT REMEMBER WHAT GATE YOU DROPPED CHILDREN OFF AT LAST TIME OR YOU ARE NEW TO OUR SCHOOL, PLEASE GO TO GATE 1 (MARTIN STREET). We promise we will make sure every child is ‘connected’ with their parent. Tomorrow (the first day back at level 2) will take us a little longer as it is the first time since last year. Thank you in advance for your patience 
  • If you do feel it is essential that you need to come into the school grounds - please enter in the morning through Gate 1 and 5 (Martin Street or Brown Street by the Library). There will be a teacher on these gates with a Contact Tracing Register for you to sign
  • Keeping track of people entering school - all visitors must report to the office if you come in during the school day 9:00 - 2:30
  • Masks are not required at schools and early learning services at Alert levels 2 and 3
  • A decision about if PARTNERSHIP MEETINGS will still be held on Tuesday and Wednesday will be made later tomorrow after the next 24 hour update from the Government

 It is essential that we all follow these guidelines which keep all children, staff and families safe. We would love you to review the Level 2 video we made for children and families: Welcome back to school at Level 2. This is on our website and on our school facebook page.

Further Level 2 information:

Ensure people with COVID-19 symptoms or feeling unwell stay away from school

  • All students are expected to return to school at Alert Level 2 ( with the exception of students who are sick or have high health needs)
  • All students/ staff, parents and visitors who are not well will not be permitted to be at school
  • If chn or staff become unwell, they will be sent home immediately
  • Anyone who is unwell is encouraged to be tested immediately.  Please follow the advice of your GP in terms of self isolation expectations
  • If someone else in your household is unwell and being tested, please follow the advice of your GP in terms of self isolation expectations
  • If there is a case of Covid at our school, the school will be closed and we will follow all MoH expectations and guidelines

Maintain physical distancing (for staff and children this means not breathing on or touching each other. For parents/ visitors, the expectations is 2m spacing inside and outside the school)

  • Select a gate to drop off and pick up your child that suits your family (see map below)* We are wanting to ‘spread’ families out across these gates - if you arrive on Monday and it is very busy - consider moving to another gate)
  • Please drop off children between 8:30 and 8:50am in the morning 
  • If you need to enter the school grounds to drop off children (e.g young children) - you must ENTER THROUGH GATE 1 or 5 and sign a contact register at each of the gates (please bring your own pen). No parents can enter the school buildings (other than the Office) or any of the school decks, and all parents/caregivers MUST adhere to 2m physical distancing (New Entrant parents and children will be given guidelines for visiting Ruma Mea Kore and Preschool Sessions)
  • Teachers will be at gate 1 & 5 to welcome. At the end of the day, there will be a teacher on every gate. Teachers will walk children back to the gate they entered through in the morning where they will wait inside the gate until a parent arrives. They will then be released by the teacher.
  • Please pick up children from the same gate between 2:50 - 3:10pm
  • Children and staff will maintain a physical distance so they are not breathing on or touching each other in the classroom and out in the playground (PRIDE wings will guide children about how close they can be - watch video)
  • There are NO restrictions around where children sit at school, use of playgrounds and shared equipment
  • At this stage we will not be having school assemblies or our Powhiri (we are exploring a digital powhiri)
  • If children do not follow all guidelines, and staff feel that the safety of others is endangered, parents will be asked to pick up their child. The safety of all children,  families and staff is paramount at this time.

Enable good hygiene practices

  • All appropriate indoor surfaces will be cleaned or sanitised daily
  • Outdoor surfaces such as door handles and railings will be sanitised daily
  • Children will revisit daily the expectations of good hygiene including good cough/sneeze etiquette and hand washing
  • Sanitiser will be used on entry and exit to school and before eating, in every classroom
  • Soap is available in all bathrooms and all chn will wash their hands regularly
  • Drinking fountains will be closed and all children will require their own water/ drink bottle
  • Children will be encouraged to take all their food rubbish home
  • There will be hand sanitiser and soap in every classroom. You are welcome to bring your own named bottle if you would like

Keep track of people entering school

  • Contact tracing will be through attendance registers, student details and visitor registers
  • All visitors during the day must sign the contact register at the Office (1 in, 1 out rule)

Further Information:

  • YMCA will be operating each day
  • Other care providers will meet their children at an agreed gate
  • Breakfast Club will continue and will adhere to all alert level 2 guidelines. It will be open in the hall on Mon, Wednesday and Fridays
  • We encourage any communication with the school to be through email or phone calls
  • We encourage all children to bring a raincoat on wet days as the entry and exit from school may be slower and require chn to wait
  • Please do not bring any dogs into school

We will continue to review our Level 2 plan and update it as we get further information from the MoE and MoH. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us. 

Contact Numbers:

Office: 04 5286541, Ali Boyd / Office Manager:, Donna Jones/ Office Support:, Claire Martin (Junior focus):, Lee Ewington (Senior focus):, Jo Grant / Principal:

The P.R.I.D.E C.A.R words we need to focus at the moment are Determination (Manawanui) and Adaptability.   Our UHS P.R.I.D.E C.A.R will always help drive/ steer us through any event!

Ngā mihi

Jo Grant   
Principal/ Tumuaki

Please select one of our 8 gates to drop off your child between 8:30 - 8:50am and pick them up between 2:50 - 3:10. We are trying to ‘spread’ families out to avoid congestion and support you to adhere to the 2 m distancing rule for parents in or around school (we strongly encourage parents to drop off at the gate and not enter the school unless you have to).