In 2013 nine year old Mac Madsen, a year 5 student at our school announced to his family over breakfast one morning that he wanted to raise money for St John’s Ambulance by cycling the length of New Zealand.

After considerable discussion, planning and some compromise Mac’s mum Marg, dad Craig and brother Cooper agreed to support Mac on a ride that would take Mac and his dad the length of the North Island – a total of 1330km.  It was a year in the planning but finally in March 2014 ten year old Mac was ready to go.

Mac’s goal was to raise $5000 for St John’s Ambulance and our school was keen to support Mac by raising funds to donate to this cause.

Upper Hutt School was thrilled to raise a total of $280 which we gladly donated to St John’s Ambulance through Mac’s Everyday Hero website.

As Mac journeyed through New Zealand he made many friends, and developed a strong bond with his father.  His perseverance, determination, focus and careful planning have provided the students at our school with an amazing role model and are an inspiration to all those he came into contact with.

Upper Hutt School is extremely proud of Mac and in case you are wondering, yes he did meet his goal.  In fact, he exceeded all expectations.  Thanks to the generosity of his supporters, Upper Hutt School being one, Mac raised a total of $7,500 on his journey which took 23 days and covered 1330km.

It is from small beginnings that great things can be accomplished.  Who would have thought that a simple announcement at the breakfast table a year earlier would lead to such an outstanding achievement?  However if you ask Mac’s folks, principal and teachers you would find that no-one was surprised by Mac’s success.

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